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The physical and technical capabilities of highly skilled soccer talents do not add up to provide the complete picture. Talent is dynamic and deeply rooted with cognitive and mental skills. We believe in human talent sensu lato and the strong connection with cognitive and mental potential.

Parker’s Piece is a trusted advisor in offering transparancy and objectivity in the value of talents and skills. Our approach is data driven and based on scientific evidence. We map, develop and maximize future potential of professional (youth) players.

We work with a model that unlocks, elevates and inspires athlete’s intrinsic strengths.

By focusing on these assets Parker’s Piece helps to administer
what athletes have at their disposal and how to put it into action.

Our methodology capitalizes on the maximization of the innate talent
and offers a bridge to a growth mindset and new capacities.

We offer a crystal-clear understanding of an athlete’s core competencies and their areas of growth. This exciting and challenging road is a game changer in closing the gap between the physical, technical and the mental assets of ahtletes.

To unlock the full potential we provide a multidisciplinary approach that puts the athlete at the centre of his own personal research project, generating his own bespoke solutions. We take a deep dive with athletes and together with them we crack the secrets and we solve the mystery of what lies behind elite class performance.