Our Mission

Our world is traversing an imbalanced period and the sports world is being tested in real-time to keep their businesses viable while navigating social and economic tensions. At the heart of many conversations is the question: How can we take care of our most important stakeholders ? How can we take care of our athletes ?

This brings the Human Capital profession to a crossroads at a pivotal time in history. Our role to keep our young athletes safe, supported and growing has emerged as one of the most vital roles in sports businesses.

Parker’s Piece stands for rethinking our responsibility
and architecting a program that elevates young potentials.

We hereby claim one of the most important missions in the sports world.

The care, the growth and the resilience of young potentials.

In an increasingly confused world Parker’s Piece focuses on providing a clear, data driven and evidence based service, that puts You and Your athlete’s potential in charge.

Parker’s Piece has high aspirations, turning this challenge into an opportunity in caring to do better. It is our aim to lead through the lens of a moral compass, focusing on eliminating unconscious bias and on boosting inclusion and diversity.

Our mission and our dream is to add value and to contribute in building a better tomorrow
for sports clubs, communities and families.